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Donald Trump’s fraud trial begins in New York!

“No one is above the law.”

The civil fraud trial opened in New York on Monday, October 2, as Trump faces charges of overstating his businesses and properties.

Donald Trump is accused of falsely inflating the value of his business empire and his net worth by billions of dollars, in order to obtain better business contracts, financial loans and interest rates, among other things.

The details of these charges are overwhelming, as he is accused of persistent and repeated fraud, falsification of business records, conspiracy to falsify business records, publishing false financial statements, conspiracy to falsify financial statements, insurance fraud and conspiracy to commit insurance fraud.

Cameras were briefly allowed into the classroom before the court proceedings began, as Trump sat with his lawyers.

The judge has already ruled in the majority of this case, that Trump overvalued his businesses and properties for fraudulent financial gain, and declared:

“It’s a fantasy world… not the real world.”

Certainly harsh words about the management of Trump’s businesses by Donald Trump and his sons.


Trump, who was not required to be present at the opening of this civil trial, is banking on the publicity it will bring for his presidential campaign, but New York Attorney General Letitia James’ message before the trial is clear:

“My message is simple. No matter how powerful you are… No matter how much money you think you may have… Nobody is above the law.”

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The attorney general in the case is seeking $250 million in damages, banishment from serving as officers of a New York company and a five-year ban on business transactions, which would put an end to the Trump Organization.

Recall that the Trump Organization has developed and managed a wide range of real estate properties, including luxury condominiums, office buildings, hotels and resorts. Some of the most famous properties include the Trump Tower in New York and the Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. The organization has operated Trump-branded hotels and resorts in various parts of the world. These properties are often associated with luxury and upscale accommodations.

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Donald Trump was, in fact, the face of the organization for many years, but stepped away from day-to-day operations while President of the United States. His children, in particular Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump, played an important role in running the company.

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Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are also targeted in the fraud trial, while Ivanka Trump was cleared of all charges earlier this year.

The former President of the United States is expected to testify in his defense next week, while the trial is expected to last until December 22.

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