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Happy Gilmore 2 confirmed at Netflix!

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Happy Gilmore 2 confirmed at Netflix!
Credit: UniversalPictures/GettyImages
Netflix has officially confirmed the sequel to Happy Gilmore, one of the cult films starring Adam Sandler, almost 30 years after the original was released in 1996.

Happy Gilmore is undeniably one of Sandler fans’ favorite films, and they’ll be thrilled to hear the news!

Universal Pictures
Sandler will reprise the role of Happy Gilmore, a hockey player who, in the original film, discovers a talent for golf. Thanks to his luck and skill, he manages to beat the pros at tournaments, and uses the money he earns to help his grandmother save her house.

No details of the new script or the actors joining Sandler in these new adventures have been revealed, as the project is still in its early stages. However, there’s no doubt that fans will be eager to learn more.

Universal Pictures

The love affair between Adam Sandler and Netflix continues, allowing the platform to capitalize on the nostalgia of this classic and Sandler’s popularity.

Let’s hope this sequel doesn’t spoil the magic of the first!

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