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Is this man becoming a zombie?

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Is this man becoming a zombie?
Credit: Capture d'écran TMZ
A California-born man named Rosendo Tellez was arrested as he strutted around chewing on a severed human leg, according to initial reports.

Tellez was arrested by authorities in Bakersfield last Friday, when witnesses to the scene spotted him with an entire limb in his hands, taking a few bites along the way.

A video shows him feeding from the leg…

Police were stunned to discover that it was indeed a human leg, illegally collected from the scene of a train accident earlier that day.

Evidently, the leg had been taken from a person who had been struck and killed in that accident at the Amtrak station. Flesh was dangling from the leg, which quickly turned into a scene worthy of The Walking Dead.

In the end, Tellez was arrested and charged with a few counts, including removal of human remains from the scene of an accident. Tellez remains in custody, awaiting his hearing scheduled for sometime this week.

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