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Lisa Marie Presley’s grave is in preparation
Next weekend, the daughter of the King, Lisa Marie Presley, will be buried near her father. At the moment, the preparations are underway in Memphis, around the fountain of the family garden.

Note that the son of Lisa, Benjamin Keough, who committed suicide in 2020, is also at this mythical place.

TMZ received photos and videos of the excavation scene, where Lisa’s grave will be found from next Sunday, right next to that of her son.

There are things in the works, but nothing has been released yet. We don’t know who will be on hand to address the crowd.

According to TMZ, a famous name could be there to pay tribute to the 54-year-old lady who was very appreciated in the showbiz.

As for the entrance to the mansion, it has been decorated with flowers put in place by fans since the early death of Lisa.

Lisa Marie Presley died suddenly following a cardiac arrest, but the exact cause is not yet known.

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