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Record ratings for Super Bowl LVIII
Credit: Getty Images
Super Bowl LVIII, with its spectacular display of talent, halftime show and a certain Taylor Swift, not only captivated American football fans, but also went down in history as the most-watched program in the history of American television.

CBS data shows that Super Bowl LVIII attracted 123.4 million viewers!

This is a significant jump on the previous record.

The 7% increase in viewers testifies to the NFL’s unwavering appeal, as well as its growing importance in entertainment and culture.

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The Super Bowl was held for the first time in Nevada’s game capital. The Kansas City Chiefs won their second straight championship, beating the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in overtime.

Audiences peaked at 12.6 million for the halftime show, featuring R&B superstar Usher and guests including Lil Jon, Ludacris and Alicia Keys.

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And let’s just say the passionate romance between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift didn’t hurt!

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Super Bowl marketing was more profitable than ever, with a 30-second commercial selling for around $7 million.

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A Super Bowl we won’t soon forget!

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