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Taylor Swift brings Travis Kelce on stage!
Credit: Getty Images
For the first time ever, the phenomenal Taylor Swift brought her lover Travis Kelce on stage as she performed in London as part of her Eras Tour.

Performing in London for three days at Wembley Stadium, Taylor Swift had prepared a major surprise for her fans… one they certainly won’t soon forget.

As if that weren’t enough, the footballer appeared on stage wearing a wedding suit, setting the place alight, which must already have been very hot if we’re to judge by what we know of Taylor‘s admirers, who are always driven by an intense passion.

In a video capturing this magical moment, we hear the first notes of the song I Can Do With a Broken Heart and see Travis proud and happy to be living this special moment with his sweetheart.

The duo had prepared a theatrical setting in which Kelce romantically caught up with the singer, who feigned discomfort.

This surprise would come at the very end of the show, during Act VIII.

What a way to end the evening!

Shared by several Internet users, the video is circulating everywhere, and is probably making many of them very jealous.

We can see why!

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