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Tom Brady spoils himself with a 77-foot yacht

Tom Brady is newly retired as an NFL player and is enjoying a bit of a vacation on his 77-foot yacht nicknamed “TW12VE ANGELS”.

TB12 was spotted on the superyacht Wajer 77, which replaces his smaller 22-foot Wajer 55S, which he previously sold since it, named “Viva a Vida”, was attached to his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen.

That said, the seven-time Super Bowl champion was seen with friends in the Hollywood, Florida marina last Sunday on this very rare beauty.

According to a report obtained by the TMZ website, the yacht was manufactured in 2022, and it was officially registered in late February 2023.

The Wajer 77 is excessively luxurious, it can comfortably accommodate nine people and it has the look of a hotel that walks on the water. In fact, Brady is preparing to use it for trips to the Bahamas.

The 45-year-old will certainly be using his big floater to excess in the coming months, as he no longer needs to physically prepare for a grueling NFL season.

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