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Demi Moore talks about Bruce Willis’ illness and reveals an essential lesson for their children
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Demi Moore, in a touching display of compassion and enduring family ties, opened up about her ex-husband Bruce Willis and the difficulties of caring for someone with dementia.

Bruce Willis is surrounded by his family as he faces the challenges of frontotemporal dementia, which he was diagnosed with after his initial aphasia in 2022 forced him to take early retirement from his amazing acting career.

In recent appearances on SiriusXM, Demi Moore has stressed the importance of being there for people with dementia.

The star said it was important to let go of past expectations and welcome people as they are today.

Moore and Willis are the parents of three children, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah.

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Bruce Willis’ health has deteriorated massively in recent months.


Since remarried to Emma Heming, with whom he had two other children, Mabel and Evelyn, Bruce Willis’ wife has also been a pillar during this ordeal.

She demonstrated the complexities of caring for a loved one and becoming a caregiver almost overnight, sharing news of her life and delivering heartfelt reflections.

Last December, they shared an emotional moment, celebrating over ten years together. They even renewed their vows!

The Willis family showed strength, unity and love during this difficult period, a great lesson for the five children of the extended family.

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