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Elon Musk, humiliated and booed, hid in his office according to this book

According to Page Six, the author of the book Breaking Twitter said in an interview that Elon Musk had been so humiliated by being booed on stage at Dave Chapelle’s show in San Francisco in December 2022, that he locked himself in his office for a long period, in a complete depression, which would have worried his employees.

The circumstances of the events leading up to this humiliation unfolded when Dave Chapelle invited Elon Musk on stage, but a large number of people present at the show started booing him violently!

The event reportedly made Musk realize that his reputation had been damaged by the Twitter purchase, and this realization completely demoralized him.


“It got to the point where he locked himself in his office, he was so upset that Twitter employees were considering having the San Francisco police do a health check, because they thought he was going to hurt himself,” explained Ben Mezrich, author of Breaking Twitter, when interviewed by CNBC.

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Also according to Page Six, the author even asserts that Musk would be a totally different person than he was before the Twitter takeover in 2022, and that Twitter would have broken the billionaire:

“Twitter broke Elon Musk.”

Recall that the $43 billion purchase of Twitter, now named X, in 2022 was highly controversial as Musk has since regularly promoted several sources of misinformation and right-wing conspiracy theories there, which doesn’t sit well with the platform’s many users.

According to Bloomberg, X is now worth just 19 billion, one year after Musk bought the social network, which has lost a lot of advertising revenue due to its controversial policies.

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