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Gwyneth Paltrow compared to Jeffrey Dahmer during her trial!
The first day of the civil trial against Gwyneth Paltrow caught the attention of many on social networks for a very unexpected reason, as the star was quickly compared to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, no less!

The memory of the latter and his horrific crimes came to the forefront recently with a Netflix series, so many observers were comparing Gwyneth’s style to that of the horrific serial killer, especially because of her aviator-style glasses!

Paltrow is currently in civil court following a 2016 skiing accident on the slopes of Deer Valley Resort in Utah, where she allegedly ran into a retiree.

According to the plaintiff, the violent collision caused her numerous serious physical injuries, in addition to a concussion.

The 76 year old man is asking for $300,000 in reparations as Paltrow accuses him of using her fame to get money from her!

In addition to her look, fans and some journalists who follow the case accuse the actress and entrepreneur of showing a complete detachment towards the case and the people present in general.

To be continued!

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