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Kelly Clarkson confirms use of weight loss drug
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Kelly Clarkson has cleared up rumors about the drug that helped her achieve her new figure, denying the use of popular and controversial brands such asOzempic. In a recent episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, she and Whoopi Goldberg shared their experiences with new weight-loss treatments.

While Whoopi Goldberg talked about her use of Mounjaro, an anti-diabetic drug also prescribed for weight loss likeOzempic, Kelly Clarkson was keen to clarify assumptions about her own weight-loss regime.

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Kelly Clarkson clarified that the treatment she uses for weight loss is notOzempic, contrary to what many believe. She specified that it’s a totally different treatment, which she says has yet to be named. During the show, she explained that her choice was prompted by a diagnosis of pre-diabetes and worrying blood test results, stressing that her treatment stands out from other popular options.

Both celebrities shared their struggles with their weight and their relief at finally having found a solution to this very real health problem. Whoopi Goldberg made a humorous remark about looking younger thanks to her weight loss.

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The singer and presenter also mentioned that she has changed her lifestyle by adopting a high-protein diet. Now living in New York, the star stressed the importance of walking daily.

More and more celebrities, such as Boy George, Kelly Osbourne and Oprah Winfrey, are sharing their successes with these new treatments.

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