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Margot Robbie goes from Barbie… to Monopoly!
Credit: Getty Images/Hasbro

Margot Robbie is slowing stepping away from her Barbie role… this time to venture into the realm of tabletop games turned feature films, as her production company LuckyChap tackles a forthcoming adaptation of… Monopoly!

This new project from the actress and her production company was announced at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. LuckyChap, which already produced the Barbie movie, will build on this success to produce the live-action Monopoly feature film.

The news came as a surprise to fans of the star… and a delight to fans of the board game!

Getty Images
The classic game of Monopoly is an iconic board game that has been around since 1935.

Nearly 300 million copies have been sold worldwide to date.

LuckyChap and Margot Robbie are currently working on an adaptation of another famous game, the popular video game The Sims!

More details to come…

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