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Red Bull shaken by Christian Horner scandal
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Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner is facing widespread criticism following allegations of misconduct. A total of 79 emails, including screenshots of alleged WhatsApp conversations between Horner, Liberty Media and an unknown party, have been leaked.

The group includes F1 team officials and media.

The documents reportedly contain explicit material, such as nude photos of an unidentified man, suggestive texts and photos of Horner wearing various outfits. Some of the messages refer to a person called Geri, allegedly an allusion to Horner’s wife Geri Halliwell, who was a member of the Spice Girls.

Horner continues to maintain his innocence, however. He said through a spokeswoman that he respected the integrity and conclusions of an independent investigation, which dismissed all accusations.

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Jos Verstappen, Max’s father, publicly called on Horner to resign, saying the controversy could destabilize Red Bull’s environment and its championship wins. The Daily Mail’s publication of his disapproval adds a new layer to the internal dynamics within the organization, as tensions appear to be spreading.

The announcement comes after an internal Red Bull statement exonerating Horner of any misconduct following allegations of inappropriate behavior by an employee. Red Bull Racing has stated publicly that it is confident of the impartiality, fairness and thoroughness of the investigation.

The insistence of Toto Wolff, head of rival team Mercedes F1, which has seen its dominance of the sport diminish due to Red Bull’s recent successes, is another element stirring the pot.

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According to rumors, Wolff is even taking advantage of the situation to try and lure Max Verstappen to Mercedes, having lost Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari for next year.

The good news so far is that Geri Horner has publicly declared her support for her husband, and Red Bull’s majority shareholder has also reiterated his allegiance.

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