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Rust’s gunsmith wants to see Alec Baldwin in jail
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The legal wrangling surrounding the tragic death of Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust continues, as the film’s armorer was recently sentenced to 18 months in prison for manslaughter.

She hopes to see actor Alec Baldwin suffer the same fate in his upcoming trial in July.

The spotlight will soon be on Alec Baldwin, also charged with manslaughter in the death of Halyna Hutchins, the director of photography on the set of Rust who died in 2021 after a gun discharged during a rehearsal.


Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the gunsmith in charge at the time of the tragedy, could be called to testify at the actor’s trial, which begins on July 9 with jury selection.

Gutierrez Reed was convicted and sentenced to 18 months in a New Mexico correctional facility, after a jury deliberation lasting less than three hours.

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She hopes that Alec Baldwin, who allegedly set off the gun that killed Hutchins and also injured director Joel Souza, will suffer a similar fate at his trial.

According to People, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, who apologized for her role in the tragic accident, criticized the way the media portrayed her. She also strongly contested her conviction. In a recorded telephone conversation from the prison where she is serving her sentence, she reportedly expressed her desire to see Alec Baldwin jailed too.

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Hannah Gutierrez Reed’s recent requests for a new trial were denied, the judges concluding that the instructions given to the jury were the correct ones.

Gutierrez Reed’s trial, broadcast live due to the permission of cameras in the courtroom, had attracted a lot of attention last March, and many people are hoping that Baldwin’s trial will also be broadcast live, which could make it one of the most talked-about trials of the year.

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Alec Baldwin will stand trial for manslaughter on July 9.

Since the tragedy, the actor has maintained that he did not pull the trigger on the gun that killed Hutchins.

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