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Trump joins TikTok and gains 4M subscribers in a few hours
Credit: Getty Images
Last Saturday evening, Donald Trump officially joined TikTok, a platform he had considered banning in the past. The former president quickly amassed over four million subscribers within hours of signing up.

The first and so far only video posted by Trump on TikTok was filmed last Saturday at a UFC party in New Jersey, in the company of UFC president and fervent Trump supporter Dana White.


Launching my TikTok at @UFC 302.

♬ original sound – President Donald J Trump

In the video, as Dana White announces Trump’s arrival on TikTok, the former US president expresses that it’s an honor for him to be present. He is seen greeting fans in the arena during the fight. Being on friendly territory, Trump received a warm welcome from the spectators.

Getty Images
Trump has visibly changed his stance since his election campaign, having initially issued an executive order to ban TikTok in the US on national security grounds during his presidential term.

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In April, President Joe Biden gave ByteDance, the company behind TikTok, nine months to sell the app or risk seeing it banned in the US. This deadline means that any potential ban would only come into force after the next elections.

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