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Trump’s Stormy Daniels trial is just around the corner!
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A New York judge in a high-profile trial involving bribery charges has ruled that the trial will begin as scheduled in April, despite Trump’s attempts to delay it.

In their attempt to delay the trial, Trump and his lawyers argued that prosecutors had filed more than 100,000 pages of potential evidence. Trump’s lawyers claimed they needed more time to review these documents, arguing that some contained inconsistencies that could exonerate him.

The judge ruled that the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office had taken the necessary steps to obtain the documents from an earlier federal investigation in the Southern District of New York. He also ruled that there had been no fault on the part of the DA in the late provision of the documents to the court, contrary to what defense lawyers had claimed.

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Recall that in this trial, prosecutors argue that payments made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels were not recorded financial transactions, but rather allegedly aimed at influencing the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

This led to the indictment of Trump, who is accused of falsifying his business records to conceal these expenses.

This new evidence originated in the early stages of the discovery process, when defense lawyers subpoenaed federal prosecutors in January 2024. Defense attorneys sought to obtain various documents from Mr. Cohen, believing they could reveal information crucial to Mr. Trump’s defense.

The Southern District of New York released a portion of the requested documents after negotiations.

They total 119,000 pages!

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Prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan have rejected the defense’s arguments of the need for a new delay due to new evidence. They argue that most of the documents do not provide new revelations, but rather confirm existing evidence. Furthermore, they argue that Trump’s legal team has had ample time to prepare, a position supported by the judge’s favorable ruling.

This means that Trump will be present in the courtroom as the legal proceedings kick off with the jury selection process on April 15.

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