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Where is Kate Middleton?

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Where is Kate Middleton?
Credit: Getty Images
In recent weeks, public and media concern about Kate Middleton has grown, and social networks are awash with speculation under the hashtag #KateGate, while little news has emerged about the princess.

At the moment, fears are at their height.

Simply put, fans and observers of the royal family are asking the same question:

Where is Kate Middleton?

Last January, Kensington Palace announced, to everyone’s surprise, that Kate Middleton had been hospitalized for planned abdominal surgery. This statement, lacking in detail, prompted much speculation and scrutiny. The palace later clarified that she would be taking several weeks off after her operation, without mentioning the reason, specifying only that it was not cancer.

However, since Christmas, her public absence has sparked many rumors. Efforts by Kensington Palace to dispel them by publishing a photo of Catherine and her children for Mother’s Day in England failed when news agencies such as Reuters, AP and Getty Images withdrew the image, fearing it had been altered.

The incident sparked even more controversy among the public, with many questioning the authenticity of the photo, particularly due to an apparent mismatch in Princess Charlotte’s hand.

The situation was not appeased when the Princess of Wales apologized on Twitter for retouching the photo, acknowledging her mistake. However, critics question why the palace and Princess of Wales chose to publish a retouched photo instead of releasing the original, adding to the confusion.

Then, Page Six reports that Kate Middleton’s senior staff have reportedly neither seen nor spoken to the princess since the operation!

The mystery persists as Easter approaches, when Catherine was due to resume her royal engagements…

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