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Leo and Gigi, here we go again!

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Leo and Gigi, here we go again!
Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid would not be completely over yet, since their separation last February, and according to US Weekly, the two stars have been seen together a few times!

Only a few weeks after their so-called separation, the two stars were indeed seen together at an event in Venice. Then, they would have met again during a party during the Oscars weekend, during a private event that took place in a Bel-Air residence.


“Leo was only flirting with Gigi and only had eyes for her,” said a witness of the evening.


Even though Gigi seems to be having a lot of fun with Leo, their relationship will always remain complicated according to some, as the mom of a two-year-old girl is definitely looking for some stability and as of today… it’s still not clear if Leo can manage to stay in a serious relationship for very long!

Back in February, some blamed their respective busy schedules for the breakup, but many also pointed the finger at Leo, accusing him of being unable to be in a serious relationship and inevitably breaking the heart of his flame, in this case Gigi.

But, given recent developments, maybe it will be different?

Can you believe it?

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